Don't Fence Me In

Don’t Fence Me In – A story about a woman getting in touch with her inner cowgirl…

They had to dismount to lead the horses under the rusty sloping metal roof. It was just an old cow shed with barely enough clearance for them to shelter with the horses. Their clothes were drenched but it was a warm spring day and the dampness was not entirely uncomfortable. They stood side by side not quite touching each other watching the horses intently grazing on the spring grass. He tried not to stare at the way her wet cotton shirt was clinging to her slim body. They both watched as the rain poured off the roof onto the lush green fields knowing the storm would pass as suddenly as it had begun. It was not uncommon this time of year for it to pour rain then minutes later turn into a glorious bright sunny spring day. Texas was like that.  Locals liked to say “if you wanted four seasons you could get ’em all in the same day in these parts.” The horses were dripping wet and just as the rain began to let up the Sorrel decided to shake like a dog spraying water and mud everywhere. Annie gasped as the mess spattered her and then just started laughing. The woman laughed so hard tears were streaming down her face. Clay was startled first by the horse, then by her laughter. He tried to brush the mud off which only made her laugh harder. Then he was laughing as well. That was when he knew, standing there next to her wet and dirty doubled over laughing, that she was about the best thing that had wandered into his world in a very long time.

Western Gal - Maureen Gibson

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